Be fit. Be healthy. Be happy.

A mobile app that helps you achieve your health goals by helping you turn fitness and wellness data into meaningful lifestyle changes.

Begin the journey of self-discovery

and explore how physical, emotional and mental states affect each other as well as performance and progress.

Personalised body-mind workouts

Connect fitness & mental health trackers and get the set of the run, breathing, stretching, and functional workouts based on current activity level.

Set milestones

Maintain mental health? Stay active for at least 5 days a week? Or run a half-marathon? PAWEN will align training path with your goals.

Add non-running workouts

Upload your cycling, swimming, weight training, yoga training plans and keep your schedule at a one app.

Manage your schedule

Pick the days you are available to train the next week, and PAWEN will adjust your training plan accordingly. It's your path, your time and your rules!

Journal your state

Provide feedback about physical & emotional state, and collect data from fitness and mental health trackers and apps to monitor your performance and progress.

Track your mood and activities

Log your physical and emotional state before and after every workout. Back to them each time you want to reflect on your results.

Learn what makes you progress

Get weekly progress reports and see patterns how your state and lifestyle affect your performance.

Coming soon

Never miss a thought
with voice journaling

Do your workout logs by talking about your state and thoughts completely hands-free. Even while training or in cold weather.

Coming soon

Real-time rerouting

No more overachieving and overloads! PAWEN adopt your training path based on current stress level, duration of sleep, workout overloads and anxiety level.

Rebuild the path

Pick one of alternative workouts if PAWEN detects that something is not optimal that particular day.

No more broken strikes (coming soon)

If you are on vacation or got sick, PAWEN will rebuild your path and don't count these days in the overall standings.

Science-backed insights

Get daily insights and tips based on your data and feedback to help you better understand your body's reaction to training and stress.

Discover behavior patterns

Learn what drives your performance, boost your motivation, and how to tune your workout to progress faster.

Tips to boost workouts

Ask me anything from finding the right equipment to figuring out the right pace for a certain run workout.

We believe

that the human body and mind are inseparable
and cannot be trained in isolation.


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